Who We Are

We are mothers who came together to make a difference. We met over a chance meeting and subsequent conversations about raising children of difference. We shared our stories as parents, laughed and cried together over the challenges and victories, the limitations and ultimately the possibilities these children face particularly as they head towards adult independence. Difference Diaries was developed as a way to create a community in which the young people themselves could share their stories, narratives, experiences with one another and offer the world better ways of relating.


Lisa Abelow Hedley




Lisa Abelow Hedley started the children of difference Foundation to create and produce projects to educate, entertain and support.  Lisa, a filmmaker, lawyer, writer, and mother of four created and produced the Emmy Award nominated HBO documentary: Dwarfs: Not a Fairy Tale.  Other projects include: Bridges of Hope, The Family Project, Yoga and Mediation For All, Healing Zone to name a few.  Lisa is committed through creative outreach to educate and entertain audiences of all ages.

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Michele Kuvin Kupfer



Michele Kuvin Kupfer is a behavioral therapist and educational consultant with certification in special education with twenty five years experience working with children and families in various medical and psychiatric settings.  She has had experience at Johns Hopkins, Children Seashore House, Boston Children’s Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital.  Michele is a mother of three.